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MoneyBack is a points-based loyalty programme that has been implemented in over 400 retail outlets in Hong Kong and Macau including PARKnSHOP, fusion, Taste, International, gourmet, great, SU-PA-DE-PA, express, Watsons and FORTRESS.
How you earn What you earn
Enrol as a MoneyBack member and earn MoneyBack Points when you make a purchase at participating retail outlets. Convert your MoneyBack Points to Asia Miles. Initial conversion: 400 MoneyBack Points = 100
2nd conversion: 800 MoneyBack Points = 200
Subsequent conversion: in blocks of 400 MoneyBack Points = 100
Maximum conversion per day:
40,000 Moneyback Points for 10,000

What you need to do

  • Ensure that you are enrolled as a MoneyBack member.
  • Register to link your Asia Miles account to your MoneyBack account through the Asia Miles or MoneyBack website. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email to confirm the two accounts have been linked successfully.
  • Convert your MoneyBack Points into Asia Miles in real-time through one of the following channels:
    • (please click "Start miles conversion now!" button on this page) 
    • The MoneyBack website
    • Any MoneyBack kiosk found in PARKnSHOP, fusion, Taste,International, gourmet, great and SU-PA-DE-PA locations.
Important Notes:
  • Your Asia Miles account can only be linked to one MoneyBack account and vice versa.
  • If you would like to register to another Moneyback account, you must first remove the existing linkage between your Asia Miles account and current MoneyBack account.
  • The points conversion transaction will appear on your Asia Miles and on your MoneyBack account upon completion of the transaction.
  • All transactions are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-reversible.
  • Asia Miles and MoneyBack terms and conditions apply.


Participating retail outlets where you'll earn Moneyback Points:












Contact Information
Telephone: +852 2187 2277