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Latest News
24 Jun 2015 Asia Miles has launched alphanumeric passwords
29 Jul 2015 7 dining outlets from Prive Group partner with Asia Miles
22 Jul 2015 3 mile-boosting menus at St. George
21 Jul 2015 Asia Miles dining partner Shanghai Min-Kwai Fong is closed
20 Jul 2015 Quality HealthCare partners with Asia Miles
20 Jul 2015 Bupa Global partners with Asia Miles in Hong Kong
17 Jul 2015 Tack Hsin Restaurant-Causeway Bay is temporarily closed for renovation
14 Jul 2015 Cathay United Bank and Asia Miles launch Co-branded Card in Taiwan
13 Jul 2015 Special Ticketing Guideline due to Denpasar Volcanic Ash
10 Jul 2015 Delaney’s Development Limited in Hong Kong ends partnership with Asia Miles