Award type

This refers to the type of flight award available for redemption, including flight awards, Priority Awards, one class upgrade awards and companion ticket awards. Awards could either be one-way or return, except for companion ticket awards.

Award zone

Divided into seven sector distance ranges, the award zone is based on the actual mileage one-way from origin to destination airport. Mileage requirement for the same award type in the seven zones is different. All flight awards, unless indicated, are for return trips.

Codeshare flight

This is a flight with the flight number of the airline selling the seat to you, but under an agreement is operated by another independent airline. That flight generally carries flight numbers from both airlines. The flight code on ticket then corresponds to the carrier with which the contract was made. Please note that certain codeshare flights are ineligible for mileage accrual.

Companion Ticket Award

This award allows your family or friends to travel together with you in First or Business Class as a companion. The "companion" does not need to be listed in your Redemption Group. You must buy a First or Business Class ticket for yourself before redeeming a ticket for your companion. Only one companion is allowed per ticket and the companion must travel on the same date, flight and class of service as you.

Discounted Economy

This is an Economy Class ticket which has a lower fare, but travel restrictions may apply on the ticket, such as ticket validity and seasonality.

Electronic ticket (eTicket)

Available on most routes, eTickets are a convenient alternative to traditional paper tickets. After purchasing or redeeming your ticket, the airline or Asia Miles will send you an itinerary receipt to confirm your flight details. All you need to do is to present your passport at the check-in counter in exchange for a boarding pass.

Extra baggage

This occurs when your baggage exceeds the normal allowance (either weight or piece) for your class of travel.

Fare class

This is shown on your ticket or in the airline's reservation system. It indicates the eligibility of mileage accrual when you travel.


This is a schedule of your journey, including flight details such as codesharing, aircraft type and duration of flight.

Joint-venture flight

Similar to a codeshare flight, this flight under the joint venture route may be operated by both or either airlines. This enables a single operation to be marketed with the identity of whichever airline generates the greatest demand. Please note that certain joint-venture flights are ineligible for mileage accrual.

Missing miles

These are miles which you should have earned but are not reflected in your account six weeks after the transaction or specified date. In such a case, you can request a mileage credit within six months of the transaction date, if you can provide the required transaction proof. However for new members, only transactions of less than one month before the enrolment date will be accepted.

One-way Award

This is an award ticket that permits you to travel from one place to another. The total of sectors flown is used to calculate the miles required on the One-way Award. Only one en route stopover is allowed.

One-way Upgrade

This is an award that allows you to travel one-way only in the next highest class of travel to the one you have paid for. However, mileage credits will be awarded based on the original class of service purchased.


You can fly to a destination and return to the port of departure via a different destination. For example: Depart from Hong Kong to London, return to Hong Kong from Paris.

Priority Award

Priority Award offers you a better opportunity to redeem during peak travelling periods. By redeeming a round-trip Priority Award or combining a one-way Priority Award with a Standard Award, you can enjoy added flexibility when arranging your next redemption flight.

Redemption letter

This is an official document issued once your lifestyle award redemption is confirmed and miles have been deducted from your account. You may be required to present the original copy of redemption letter upon collection or before consumption of your award.

Register for promotion

Some promotions request that eligible members sign up before participation in order to earn Bonus Asia Miles or enjoy redemption discount. Registration can only be made online.

Round-trip Award

With this award two stopovers, two transfers and one open-jaw (at origin, en route or turnaround point) - are permitted.


This represents each portion of a journey. For example: From Tokyo via Hong Kong to Dubai, Tokyo/Hong Kong comprises a sector.

Service fee

We charge service fees to cover the administrative cost of providing some member services, such as transfer of miles, renewal of miles, express award ticket/redemption letter delivery and membership card replacement.


This is when you stop in a third place en route before you reach your final destination.

Ticketing deadline

This is the day your ticket will be automatically issued (if details required are complete), or your booking will be cancelled (if details required are incomplete).

Top Up

As long as you have at least 70% of the miles required for your desired award, you can purchase the remaining amount in blocks of 2,000 miles at service fee USD60 per block.


This is when you need to change aircraft (either the same or different airlines) en route to reach your final destination.

Upgrade Award

This award allows you to travel round-trip in the next highest class of travel to the one you have paid for. However, mileage credits will be awarded based on the original class of service purchased.

oneworld alliance

This is an international alliance that provides an extensive range of benefits and a seamless global travel experience to passengers of the following alliance airlines: airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7 Airlines.