Fresh ideas to inspire a healthy lifestyle

At Asia Miles, we’re here to not only help you stay rewarded but healthy too! Because feeling-good is a total body experience that involves the mind, body and soul.

To support you as you step up your wellness towards a Better Me, we’ve got a few ideas to inspire you.

Whether you’re looking to burn some calories, slow things down, eat clean, or anything else that makes you feel great we hope you can find what you need right here!

Whole Person Preventative Health

Discover self-care strategies for your whole self! Because feeling good is a total body experience that involves the mind, body and soul.

Member-Exclusive: Living & Wellness Workshops

To encourage members to “Transcend & be a Better Self”, we organized a series of mindfulness workshops. Through urban farming with Rooftop Republic, farm-to-table with DayDayCook and transforming fresh food waste into dyed artwork with Dyelicious, members were able to experience a relaxing breath in their hectic urban lifestyle.

Asia Miles at
⟪IRIS: Your Escape⟫

Asia Miles has participated in ⟪IRIS: Your Escape⟫, the largest fitness and wellness festival in Hong Kong where everyone gathered together for a fun-filled weekend of sports and wellness. Apart from practicing yoga and engaging in other fitness activities in the beautiful Central Harbourfront, members also got to take part in our fitness challenge at the Asia Miles booth and take away member-exclusive delights! Check out the event highlights below and stay tuned for more upcoming wellness events!

A well balanced and rewarded life

Health has been on our minds a lot lately and it’s important to make sure you’re well covered in all different aspects when it comes to your overall well-being! Asia Miles is here to help with our wide range of Living & Wellness partners. If you’re in need of a health check up, annual health insurance, an inspirational work environment, or more ways to live green - we’ve got just the partner for you. All you need to get the healthy lifestyle ball rollin’ is just a few clicks away. And what’s even better? You’ll not only be able to live healthy but also live a Life Rewarded!


USD1: 4

Fitness First

Up to 1,000

Sign up for personal training sessions


HKD8 = 5

Enjoy body treatment at participating locations in Hong Kong


CLP 800 EcoREwards = 100

Join Power Connect and designated activities to earn Eco points for miles conversion


Up to Bonus 20,000

Enrolling in selected medical products


HKD8 = 5

Enrolling in selected medical plans

Union Medical Healthcare

HKD1 = 1

Exclusive benefits for new customers purchasing selected services

Fivelements Habitat

Up to 1,000

Purchase spa package services


HKD8 = 1

Eligible international shipments

the Hive

At least HKD4 = 1

Dedicated Desk: Sign up for 12 months or more

Bespoke Wedding

HKD5 = 1

Purchase featured deals from Bespoke Wedding’s merchants

Quality HealthCare

HKD3 = 1

Purchase selected physical check-up plans and other wellness services

Vogue Laundry

HKD8 = 10


HKD2 = 1

Multiple locations


HKD2 = 1

Tsim Sha Tsui

Le Pain Quotidien

HKD2 = 1

Multiple locations