Breathe Better: Relax Your Way to Respiratory Wellness

As we grapple with prolonged mask wearing, stress and uncertainty, you might be a lot more conscious about respiratory health. Thankfully, yoga has long focused on prana, meaning breath, lifeforce. Boost your respiratory wellness with these lung health tips by yoga therapist Zoe Ho.

Some awesome ways to boost your prana!

We know that breathing is essential to staying alive, but most of us take our breath for granted, especially when we are well. If you take a moment to check in right now, how is your breath? Is it stuck in the upper chest, or deep in the belly? Your breath mirrors how you feel, from when you are calm -- smooth deep breaths, to anxious – shallow, held breaths. Breath and mood take on cyclic patterns, becoming a biofeedback loop. Defensive breathing puts your nervous system on high alert, further restricting the breath; while regulated breath soothes the nervous system, boosting your body’s ability to rest, heal and digest. Thankfully, yoga has long focused on prana (lifeforce, meaning breath). Here are some awesome ways to boost your prana!

We wish you happy breathing!

Yoga Sequence:
Free Your Breath
Gentle Supported Backbend
Cat and Cow
Breathing Seated Twist
Nadi Shodana
(Alternate Nostril Breath)
Fresh Plants, Fresh Air
Lung Boosting Foods
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Certified yoga therapist Zoe Ho shares these series of wellness tips

Zoe Ho is a certified yoga therapist and teacher (PRYT-600; E-RYT 500) with over a decade of experience. She specializes in corporate wellness and embodied-mindfulness, teaching tools grounded in science for mental health and well-being. Zoe guides clients to connect with their inner wisdom, supporting the nervous system in its natural capacity for healing. Zoe’s therapy focus is cancer, depression and anxiety. Zoe survived TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) as a young adult and teaches with humour and tenderness accessible ways to be empowered and hopeful in the face of challenges. Zoe is currently based in Vancouver, is an unabashed foodie, nature lover, and makes art in ceramics, writing and film.

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