1. To earn Mileage Credits, Members must quote their membership number at time of reservation and provide their membership number/card at check-in, when paying the bill or upon delivery of Partner products or services (as applicable). Some Partners may advise of different earning/crediting procedures, which should then be followed by Members.
  2. Only certain transactions with Partners are eligible to earn Mileage Credits. These are outlined in the Asia Miles website at www.asiamiles.com, updated from time to time, and may be specifically published by AML and/or Partners.
  3. For promotions restricted to a particular market, residency is determined by the Member's preferred mailing address as registered with Asia Miles.
  4. Mileage Credits will only be officially recorded upon the acceptance of an Asia Miles membership application and approval of membership status.
  5. Mileage Credits are not transferable to other airline programmes, and AML does not accept the conversion of reward points from other airlines to Mileage Credits.
  6. Mileage Credits are not transferable to other non-airline Partner programmes, except in cases specified in the programme information, such as MoneyBack. 
  7. The reward points of credit and charge card Partners, certain Hotel Partners, Telecoms Partners and Petrol Station Partners can be converted to Asia Miles. Details of these Partners and the relevant conversion details can be obtained at www.asiamiles.com.
  8. In order to be eligible for Mileage Credits, Members must make sure that the name used in a transaction, especially when printed on airline tickets, exactly matches the name as registered with Asia Miles.
  9. Mileage Credits may take between 4 and 6 weeks after travel or transaction to be credited to the Member’s account. Some Mileage Credit transactions may have different processing times, depending on the Partner.
  10. Mileage Credits are valid for redeeming Awards as soon as they are credited to a Member's account.
  11. Unless otherwise required by local law, Mileage Credits are valid for three years and may be further renewed subject to the payment of a service fee. For further details on Mileage Credit renewal, please refer to www.asiamiles.com.
  12. If AML incorrectly denies a Member Mileage Credits, then AML's only liability will be to provide the Member with the correct number of Mileage Credits.
  13. AML reserves the right to adjust or cancel any Mileage Credits credited to a Member’s account incorrectly, or not in accordance with, or in breach of, these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of Partners, at any time, with or without notice to a Member.