1. The actual Mileage Credits earned by a Member are based on a percentage, and class flown, of the Great Circle Distance in miles between the origin airport and destination airport. For connecting flights that require a change of flight number, the sum of the Great Circle Distance of each segment will form the basis of the Mileage Credits. There is no minimum Mileage Credits earned guarantee. Mileage Credits earned is not affected by complimentary upgrades or involuntary downgrades.
  2. If a Member's air travel is disrupted due to reasons beyond the control of CPA or an airline partner (for example, extreme weather conditions/acts of God) and the Member is forced to change carrier, Mileage Credits on the disrupted segments of the purchased ticket will only be credited to the original itinerary. In such circumstances the Member will need to mail or fax the original passenger receipt and boarding pass to AML.
  3. AML and/or all Partners may exclude specific flights from the crediting of Mileage Credits with or without notice to a Member.