1. Members may donate Mileage Credits to certain charity organizations designated by AML from time to time, the minimum donation to each charity being 10,000 Mileage Credits with further increments of 5,000 Mileage Credits being allowed. For the FLY greener programme, the Asia Miles contribution is calculated based on the length of the journey and your cabin class or one-off with the redemption range from 100 to 999,999 Mileage Credits.
  2. The total Mileage Credits value of a donation cannot exceed the total Mileage Credits accrued and available in a Member's account at time of a request.
  3. Only Members can donate Mileage Credits for charity, this facility not being available to Nominees.
  4. A Member may not donate Mileage Credits to other individual Members.
  5. Mileage Credits have no cash value and are not tax-deductible.
  6. AML will not levy any administration fees in respect of charity donations or contributions to the FLYgreener programme, with Mileage Credits. Members should allow seven days for Mileage Credits to be deducted from their accounts. Thereafter, the donation or contribution will be reflected in the Member's statement as a redemption activity.
  7. All donations will be considered final and non-reversible once the Mileage Credits are deducted from an account.