1. The allocation of Asia Miles in relation to the purchase of goods and services at shop.asiamiles.com is made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and any additional conditions published by or on behalf of AML from time-to-time. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and reference should be made to the applicable Terms and Conditions before purchasing.
  2. shop.asiamiles.com is operated in conjunction with Collinson Latitude. These Terms and Conditions are for the benefit of and are separately enforceable by AML and Collinson Latitude. Collinson Latitude may at any time, publish and enforce any additional terms and conditions they feel necessary in relation to the operation of shop.asiamiles.com.
  3. Collinson Latitude will source and manage "merchants" that will offer products and services which are for sale on shop.asaimiles.com. AML and CPA are not responsible for the content of shop.asiamiles.com, or the content or availability of any third party websites that link from shop.asiamiles.com, including the websites of merchants.
  4. Anyone can access and browse through shop.asiamiles.com. In order to earn Mileage Credits, you must be an Asia Miles Member, and be logged on to shop.asiamiles.com to access the merchants’ websites via links on shop.asiamiles.com. You cannot earn Mileage Credits for purchases that you make prior to logging onto shop.asiamiles.com.
  5. You agree to the use of cookies to track and record purchases made by you at shop.asiamiles.com. It is your responsibility to ensure that cookies are enabled in your Internet browser and that the security settings allow the use of cookies. All personal information will be dealt with in accordance with AML's Privacy Policy.
  6. Mileage Credits can only be earned by purchasing goods and services from merchants at shop.asiamiles.com from the date that the merchant becomes available at shop.asiamiles.com.
  7. Mileage Credits cannot be redeemed for the purchase of goods and services through shop.asiamiles.com.
  8. Mileage Credits cannot be earned from purchases made directly with a merchant. You must log on to shop.asiamiles.com through your Asia Miles account and visit a merchant’s website through shop.asiamiles.com prior to making a purchase.
  9. Mileage Credits earned from purchases through shop.asiamiles.com will be credited to your account within 30 days after approval by the merchant. The lead-time for the approval of purchase transactions typically takes up to 120 days, but may take longer depending on the individual merchant. Pending and approved transactions are the sole responsibility of the merchant from whom a purchase is made. AML does not warrant any time frame for the approval of a purchase through shop.asiamiles.com.
  10. Following a purchase, Mileage Credits earned will be posted as “Pending”, “Approved” or “Cancelled” by the merchant in your shop.asiamiles.com Transaction History.
  11. Your purchases are tracked and reported back to AML and Collinson Latitude by the merchant. AML and/or CPA are not responsible for any errors or delays in reporting transactions: however AML and Collinson Latitude will endeavour to ensure the correct reporting of transactions by merchants.
  12. AML may stipulate the calculation of Asia Miles per dollar spent or allocate fixed Asia Miles in relation to activity at shop.asiamiles.com.
  13. AML may at any time, vary the method or procedure for the calculation of Asia Miles.
  14. If a purchase is cancelled or goods are returned to a merchant, the pending Asia Miles allocated for the purchase will be cancelled. The pending Asia Miles will then be removed from your Asia Miles account. Once transactions have been approved, Asia Miles will be transferred to your Asia Miles account.
  15. Mileage Credits earned through shop.asiamiles.com can be cancelled for a number of reasons. Merchants are unable to provide the exact reason for cancellation to AML and Collinson Latitude. This non-exhaustive list contains the most common reasons why a shop.asiamiles.com transaction is cancelled.
    1. Member returned the product to the merchant or cancelled their service.
    2. Member’s last click to the merchant’s website didn’t come from shop.asiamiles.com.
    3. Member used a promotional discount voucher to make their purchase and that voucher was not found on shop.asiamiles.com.
    4. Member used a ‘refer a friend’ or similar type incentive by the merchant.
    5. Member already had items in the merchant’s shopping basket and did not start a fresh session when making their purchase.
    6. Member cleared their cookie/web history before making their purchase or has some kind of pop-up/ad blocking software that can affect tracking.
    7. Member’s new registration with the merchant was not deemed as genuine by the merchant.
    8. Member’s payment failed or didn’t meet the requirements of the merchant’s credit check.
    9. Member completed or modified their purchase by telephoning the merchant.
    10. Member’s purchase did not meet the merchant’s terms and conditions.
  16. Should AML or Collinson Latitude suspect fraudulent or suspicious activity in relation to your Asia Miles account, AML may place your account on hold or suspend transactions.
  17. Asia Miles Members that choose to access shop.asiamiles.com do so at their own risk. AML and CPA are not responsible for any failure in communication between AML, Collinson Latitude, merchants or you, which is beyond our reasonable control.
  18. Protect your private information in public areas by logging out and closing all browsers once you have finished browsing shop.asiamiles.com.
  19. Where permitted by law, AML and CPA exclude liability to you for any direct or indirect loss, damage or expense arising from your use of tshop.asiamiles.com– regardless of whether the same arose from negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and regardless of whether or not AML and/or CPA have any control over circumstances in relation to the claim.
  20. All information and data displayed at shop.asiamiles.com by AML, Collinson Latitude or merchants is offered for informational purposes only, and is binding only to the extent that the contents of any such information or data are expressly incorporated in writing in these Terms and Conditions.
  21. All purchases of goods and services at shop.asiamiles.com will be subject to the terms and conditions of the merchant from which they are purchased, including, and not limited to delivery and return policies. If you have any questions or complaints regarding your purchase you must contact the merchant directly.
  22. Warranties, if any, are provided by merchants and not AML. AML and CPA accepts no liability for defects in the quality or condition of goods and makes no claims or warranties as to the delivery of goods or services to the extent permitted by law.
  23. Mileage Credits will not be awarded on the purchase of gift vouchers or on taxes and/or delivery charges.