1. Members who have 70% of the Mileage Credits required to redeem an Award can purchase the remaining 30% in blocks of 2,000 Mileage Credits at USD60 a block.
  2. A Member can only purchase Mileage Credits at the time of making an Award request.
  3. The purchased Mileage Credits must be used against the Award being requested. Once the Mileage Credits have been issued, they must be redeemed immediately. No refunds are permitted.
  4. Any Mileage Credits not used toward the Award will remain in the Member's account. The remaining balance cannot exceed 2,000 Mileage Credits.
  5. The purchase of Mileage Credits will be confirmed on the Member's statement as a merchandise sale.
  6. The Top-up option is available for both Flight Awards and Lifestyle Awards, but not to charity donations.