1. Companion Ticket Awards are only available for flights marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific.
  2. If Members purchase a First or Business Class ticket for travel, they can also redeem a companion ticket. The companion must travel on the same flight, date and class of service. Companion Tickets are only available on round-trip flights.
  3. Companion Ticket Awards are valid in eligible fare classes:
    • F, A (First Class)
    • J, C, D, P, I (Business Class)
  4. Companion Ticket Awards are available for mixed-carrier bookings.
  5. Mixed-class Flight Awards are not available with Companion Ticket Awards.
  6. Bookings for Companion Ticket Awards can be made up to 360 days prior to departure.
  7. The companion passenger need not be a Nominee in the Member’s redemption group.
  8. A Member can redeem one companion ticket for every purchased ticket that is printed with the Member's name.
  9. When making a claim for a companion ticket, the Member must provide all his/her travel details and ticket details of the fare paying ticket to AML.
  10. Redemption, prize, group, industry/agency discounts or other free tickets cannot be used to qualify for redemption of a Companion Ticket.
  11. The rules governing purchased tickets also apply.