1. If Members purchase a First or Business Class ticket for travel, they can also redeem Mileage Credits for a companion to accompany them. The companion must travel on the same flight, date and class of service. Companion Tickets are only applicable on round-trip flights.
  2. Mixed class and mixed carrier Flight Awards are not applicable.
  3. The companion passenger need not be a Nominee in the Member’s redemption group.
  4. A Member can redeem one Companion Ticket for every purchased ticket that is printed with the Member's name.
  5. When making a claim for a Companion Ticket, the Member must provide all his/her travel details and ticket details of the fare paying ticket to AML.
  6. Redemption, prize, group, industry/agency discount or other free tickets cannot be used to qualify for redemption of a Companion Ticket.
  7. The rules governing purchased tickets also apply.