1. Award zones are based on one-way distance and are per flight sector.
  2. Members may redeem Mileage Credits for extra baggage allowance on a per flight sector basis on all CPA and Cathay Dragon marketed and operated flights, subject as always to availability and loading.
  3. Joint venture and code-share flights are excluded.
  4. Each Member can redeem a maximum 100kg baggage (for all flights except for journeys which include any flight sector to/from Americas) or 2 pieces of baggage (for journeys which include any flight sector to/from Americas) per redemption per flight sector.
  5. CPA's extra baggage allowance is not valid for use on Cathay Dragon, or vice versa.
  6. The same redemption rate applies for all classes of travel and for all Members.
  7. This Extra Baggage Allowance is only available on journeys where the first sector is a CPA or Cathay Dragon flight.
  8. Normal redemption rules apply unless otherwise stated.
  9. Mileage Credits for unused baggage allowance are not refundable or transferable.
  10. Extra baggage allowance vouchers are valid for one month from date of issue, but only for travel on the original itinerary.