1. Passengers need to fulfil exit-row safety criteria and full details of terms and conditions for Extra-legroom Seats at cathaypacific.com
  2. Extra-legroom seats are assigned to eligible persons on a first come, first served basis on flights marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific.
  3. Extra-legroom seat assignments are made separately and independently for each flight.
  4. Only ticketed booking is eligible for extra-legroom seat redemption.
  5. No Mileage Credits are rewarded for the amount paid for an extra-legroom seat.
  6. Cathay Pacific has the sole discretion, at check-in or boarding, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements for an extra-legroom seat. If a passenger does not fulfil the necessary safety requirements, Cathay Pacific may re-assign them to a regular Economy seat before or during the journey, without refunding the extra-legroom reservation fee.
  7. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions apply.