1. For Flight Award on single or dual carriers, the Mileage Credits requirement are based on the one-way actual miles between the origin airport and destination airport. Where the sum of the outbound one-way distance and the inbound one-way distance are not the same, the longer distance shall be used to determine the award zone.
  2. The Member or the Nominee may make two stopovers, two transfers or one open-jaw at either the origin, en route or turnaround point on all airline partners except Air China where no stopovers or open-jaws are permitted. If the open-jaw is at the origin, the Member or Nominee must return to the country of origin, though not necessarily to the same city. The Member must depart from the intermediate point on the next available connecting flight. The preceding is all subject to airline partners' terms and conditions. For the purposes of this section, open-jaw means a flight itinerary where the departure city is different from the returning city, or alternatively, the destination city that a passenger arrives in is different from the one he/she returns from on the return portion of the trip.
  3. For multiple sector Flight Award, the Mileage Credits required are that of the highest class booked in any single itinerary.
  4. For one-way Flight Award, the sum of the total sectors to be flown will count for redemption purposes. In such circumstances, only one en route stopover is allowed.
  5. To redeem a oneworld Multi-Carrier Award, the total Mileage Credits required in determining the award zone is the sum of the sector distance (between the origin airports and destination airports) of all sectors in the itinerary. The Member or Nominee can make a maximum of five stopovers. In addition, two transfers and two open-jaws are permitted.