1. A oneworld Multi-carrier Award is applicable for:
    1. two oneworld alliance airlines, when Cathay Pacific is not one of your selected carriers; or
    2. three or more oneworld alliance airlines, when Cathay Pacific is one of your selected carriers.
  2. The maximum distance range is up to 50,000 miles.
  3. To redeem a oneworld Multi-carrier Award, the total Mileage Credits required to determine the award zone is the sum of the sector distance (between the origin airports and destination airports) of all sectors in the itinerary. The Member or Nominee can make a maximum of five stopovers. In addition, two transfers and two open-jaws are permitted.
  4. For multiple-sector Flight Awards, the Mileage Credits required are those of the highest class booked in any single itinerary.
  5. A oneworld Multi-carrier Award does not offer travelling on Premium Economy Class.