1. All Mileage Credits required for Flight Award must be earned by the same Member under the same account and pooling of Mileage Credits is not permitted.
  2. Redeeming Mileage Credits for Flight Award is subject to capacity control which may limit the number of seats available for Flight Award. Members acknowledge that CPA and its Partners reserve the right to limit the number of seats made available for Flight Award at their absolute discretion. In addition, some Partners may impose blackout periods during which Flight Award is not permitted. AML does not guarantee that seats will be available for Flight Award on any particular flight and class or to any particular destination on CPA or any partner airlines. Members acknowledge that Mileage Credits may be redeemed through a range of non-airline related Awards.
  3. The issuance of tickets for Flight Award is subject to the passenger being responsible for applicable departure taxes, airport or government handling fees, fuel surcharges, security and insurance charges and any other fees charged by any authorised entity. The passenger shall also be responsible for all other expenses and any other charges, claims or liabilities arising in relation to the use of tickets for Flight Award.
  4. Members are eligible for Flight Award only when they clearly indicate the nature and dates of Flight Award when making a reservation for the flight desired.
  5. Tickets for Flight Award will be issued after a reservation is confirmed. Open dated tickets are not permitted for Flight Award.
  6. Tickets for Flight Award will be issued automatically and before the ticketing deadline as determined by CPA and airline partners, once all the required information has been provided. It should also be noted that:
    1. All required information must be provided at the time of booking.
    2. Waitlisted flights for Flight Award are not permitted.
  7. All tickets for Flight Award are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise specified. Promotional tickets may have a more restricted validity.
  8. Tickets for Flight Award rebooking:
    1. Is available for changes of confirmed flight date or flight number, with the same itinerary, same airline, same cabin class and same ticket expiry date.
    2. Incurs a charge only if changing from one confirmed flight date/number to another confirmed flight date/number.
    3. Is charged at USD25 or 1,000 mileage credits per flight sector, per passenger if online rebooking is possible.
    4. Is charged at USD40 or 4,000 mileage credits per flight sector, per passenger if rebooking is made via the Asia Miles Service Hotline, Asia Miles Service Desk at Hong Kong International Airport or other any non-online channel.
    5. Is available online at www.asiamiles.com for confirmed Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights.
    6. Must be completed within the sales period if redeemed as part of a discount redemption promotion.
  9. Tickets for Flight Award may be re-issued:
    1. Only for travel by the same person
    2. Provided no part of the ticket for Flight Award has been used
    3. Subject to additional Mileage Credits being required if the new journey belongs to a higher award zone
    4. USD100 or 10,000 Mileage Credits will be charged each time a ticket is reissued.
    5. Subject to having the same expiry date as the original ticket and for use on the same airline
  10. Once tickets for Flight Award are issued, they are non-transferrable but refundable.
    1. Provided no part of the ticket for Flight Award has been used.
    2. Refund before ticket expiry date.
    3. USD120 or 12,000 Mileage Credits will be charged per ticket as a handling fee.
  11. Not all Flight Awards are available through all Partners. Members should refer to the "Redeem Miles" section of www.asiamiles.com for details. Flight Awards may be subject to change or withdrawal.
  12. Certain sectors and destinations for each Asia Miles airline partner may not be eligible for Flight Award redemption.
  13. Certain partner flights are not eligible for redemption.
  14. Use of Flight Award is subject to the operating airline's conditions of carriage and other conditions as specified by the operating airline.
  15. The sale or barter of Mileage Credits, Awards or other programme benefits is prohibited and will result in the forfeiture of all Mileage Credits or Awards and the cancellation of membership. Violators will be liable for damages suffered or incurred by AML, CPA and/or Partners.