1. Upgrade and Airport Upgrade Awards are only available for flights marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific.
  2. Each upgrade or Airport Upgrade Award is limited to one Cathay Pacific ticket and its ticket number should begin with ‘160’ only.
  3. The mileage requirement quoted is based on one-way only.
  4. Upgrade and Airport Upgrade Awards are valid in eligible fare types and fare classes: Business (J,C,D,P,I) will be upgraded to First class; Premium Economy (W, R) will be upgraded to Business Class; Economy (Essential, Flex), or in an eligible fare class  (Y, B, H, K, M, L, V) will be upgraded to Premium Economy Class (apply when Premium Economy cabin is available on the flight); Economy (Essential, Flex), or in an eligible fare class  (Y, B, H, K, M, L, V) will be upgraded to Business Class (apply when Premium Economy cabin is not available on the flight). The Economy Light fare tickets are not eligible for Upgrade Awards.
  5. Upgrade Awards can be booked up to 360 days prior to departure, while Airport Upgrade Awards can only be booked during check-in at airport.
  6. Members can redeem Mileage Credits for an upgrade to the next class of travel from the originally purchased ticket in an eligible fare class or fare type. Upgrade Awards are subject to availability at the time of Upgrade Award reservation. Please refer to the Awards charts page for details.
  7. Upgrade Awards are not available on mixed-class and mixed-carrier bookings.
  8. To confirm the Upgrade Award or Airport Upgrade Award booking, Members must have a confirmed seat and ticket issued in an eligible fare class or fare type in the lower class of travel on the same flight.
  9. Mileage Credits for upgraded travel will be awarded based on the original class of service purchased and in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  10. Redemption, prize, group, industry/agency discounts or other free tickets cannot be used to obtain Upgrade Awards or Airport Upgrade Awards.
  11. Fares for infants below two years of age that do not occupy a seat are not eligible for an upgrade. Members must purchase a child fare for infants if they wish to request an Upgrade or Airport Upgrade Award.
  12. For Cathay Pacific flights without Premium Economy Class, upgrading from Economy to Business Class is allowed.
  13. Members can redeem Upgrade or Airport Upgrade Awards for their Redemption Group Nominees.
  14. The Redemption Group Nominee is not required to travel with the Member if they arrange an Upgrade Award in advance through the Asia Miles Service Centre. However, for Airport Upgrade Awards, the Redemption Group Nominee must travel with the Member on the same flight.
  15. Airport Upgrade Awards for redemption group Nominees will not be accepted if their names have not been registered in advance. Please allow at least 24 hours for the names to be updated.
  16. Names of redemption group Nominees that appear in reservations must exactly match the names registered with Asia Miles.
  17. Upgrade and Airport Upgrade Awards cannot be used in conjunction with any bookings that have already been subject to an upgrade or any other promotional offers.
  18. Airport Upgrade Awards are not applicable to any onward connecting flights, only the first flight from the departure port.
  19. The rules governing purchased tickets apply.
  20. Other Asia Miles terms and conditions also apply.