1. Requests for missing Mileage Credits will be entertained only if the membership number was properly quoted at the time of reservation or online transaction and the membership card was presented at flight/hotel check-in, or when paying for other Partner services.
  2. Members can claim missing Mileage Credits for air activities at www.asiamiles.com and through the Asia Miles App.
  3. Alternatively, Members can also download and complete the Missing miles request form and send it to AML, together with supporting documents as outlined on the Asia Miles website at www.asiamiles.com
  4. For Asia Miles iShop, Members can claim missing Mileage Credits online. Please make sure you read the purchase conditions of the merchant and the Asia Miles iShop terms and conditions before submitting your claim.
  5. All documents submitted will be retained for record purposes. Members are required to keep copies for their own reference. Illegible copies may prolong or prevent the processing of an application.
  6. For missing Mileage Credits from Partners in the Finance & Insurance, Telecoms, Travel, Cars & Transport (including Car Rental), Retail, Dining & Banquets (for Banquet Partners only) and Living & Wellness categories, Members should resolve any issues directly with the Partner concerned.
  7. Requests for missing Mileage Credits will only be accepted for processing within six months of the transaction date. Missing Mileage Credits may take up to 8 weeks after receipt to be credited to the Members’ accounts. For the Asia Miles iShop, lead-times for accepting requests for missing Mileage Credits may vary depending on the merchant or transaction status. Please refer to the important notes on the online form.
  8. Requests for missing Mileage Credits cannot be accepted for travel completed more than 1 month prior to the date of enrolment into the Asia Miles programme.