1. Members can book their desired Flight Award online or through the Asia Miles Service Centre (except for HK Express).
  2. For online requests, Members have the option to book through one of the following channels:
    1. Asia Miles Travel Services Limited (Hong Kong Travel Licence No.353953) online booking service (powered by the Cathay Pacific Online Booking service). To view the full terms and conditions of Asia Miles Travel Services Limited, click here.
    2. Cathay Pacific Online Booking service.
  3. Members or authorised parties making redemption requests through the Asia Miles Service Centre will be required to answer a series of security questions for identity verification and authorisation purposes before a redemption request can be processed. Redemption requests will only be processed where Members or authorised parties are able to answer these questions.
  4. The appropriate number of Mileage Credits will be deducted from a Member's account at the time of ticket issuance.
  5. Members should immediately report any suspected unauthorised Award claims. AML will decide at its discretion what action, if any, will be taken. AML may refuse to compensate Members with Mileage Credits for any unauthorised redemption, should a Member contribute to an unauthorised redemption in any way, by negligence or otherwise, including the disclosure of a Member's password.
  6. Other conditions apply to the issuance of Companion Ticket and Upgrade Awards.