Once redemption of the lifestyle award has been processed, AML will email the Member or appointed Nominee.

  1. For redemptions that involve redemption letters:
    1. Your redemption letter will be mailed out to your designated address within the next working day, after the Asia Miles are successfully deducted from your account. Normal mailing lead-time of redemption letters with mailing addresses in Hong Kong is around one week, and up to three weeks for mailing addresses outside of Hong Kong. Actual time taken will depend on the postal service and mailing location.
    2. Members may request to receive redemption letters (NOT the redemption item) by express courier (rather than by normal mail) for a fee of USD50 or 5,000 Mileage Credits.
    3. Members may request to reprint the redemption letter for a service fee of USD50 or 5,000 Mileage Credits.
    4. The original copy of a redemption letter and Asia Miles membership card must be presented on the collection or use of a lifestyle award. For Nominees using a lifestyle award, the original redemption letter and a photocopy of the Member's card must be provided at the time of redemption, unless otherwise specified in the redemption letter.
  2. For redemptions where delivery services are involved, AML will issue an email confirmation to the Member or appointed Nominee should the Award be available, then the relevant partner will make delivery arrangements directly with the recipient (the Member or appointed Nominee).
  3. For electronic redemptions:
    1. No redemption letter will be issued for most electronic products.
    2. A confirmation email will be sent to the Member's or Nominee's registered email address.
    3. A SMS will be sent to the Member's or Nominee's registered mobile phone number if previously requested.
    4. Members or Nominees will receive an e-voucher containing a security code and an Award claim number, which are required to redeem the Award.
    5. The Award claim number should be shown to the partner(s) when collecting the Award and the security code must be keyed in to verify the claim. Members are also required to present their membership card.
    6. Nominees collecting the Award will be required to show a photocopy of the Member's membership card, together with the e-voucher.
  4. The Discount Redemption for Dining Awards with cobrandcardicon is only applicable to principal cardholders of an Asia Miles Co-branded Credit Card and is subject to the Terms and Conditions in the section titled “Asia Miles Co-branded Credit Card Redemption Privileges”.