1. A Member may nominate up to five individuals at any one time to be a "Redemption Group nominee" or "Nominee". Nominees are eligible for Flight Awards and Travel Awards. Members can register Nominees online.
  2.  A Member may register the first five Nominees in their membership lifetime with no fee applied. Thereafter, a Member may replace an existing Nominee or add a new Nominee to replace a previously deleted Nominee up to three times per Membership Year.
  3. A service fee (online: USD50; other channels: USD75) will only be charged for:
    1. Replacing an existing Nominee.
    2. Registering a Nominee after the first five complimentary nomination entitlements have been used.
  4. No fee will be applied for deleting an existing Nominee and updating an existing Nominee's membership number or title.
  5. A child or infant Nominee is treated the same as an adult Nominee and requires the same Mileage Credits for Flight Awards (except for HK Express). Corporations or other legal entities cannot be Nominees.
  6. Award travel for Nominees must be claimed by the Member in the same way as a Member claims travel for himself or herself. Nominees may not directly claim Flight Awards.